Computer Disposal Leeds

Computer disposal Leeds: Your local computer disposal service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

IT Recycling Leeds is situated just above Leeds city centre, within walking distance. No matter whether you are a residential or a commercial customer, our computer disposal Leeds service will cover your requirements.

The Computer Disposal Leeds service covers the following locations and more – Leeds city centre, Holbeck, Cross Green, Saxton Gardens, Harehills, Sheepscar, Woodhouse, Burley, Armley, Wortley, Lower Wortley, Beeston, Hunsley, Stourton, Belle Isle, Churchwell, Churchwell Morley, Horsforth, West Park, Adel, Rawdon, Chapel Alllerton, Moortown, Roundhay, Hollin Park, Seacroft, Cross gates, Colton, Rothwell, Pudsey, Bramley etc.

If you have a series of locations that need computer disposal Leeds services, just let the team know and we can get them all collected from at the same time or one after the other. As you know, we can accept anything IT related but please don’t leave your IT waste outside as if it gets wet, it is very dangerous for us, not to mention the mess it makes in each vehicle.

Here at IT Recycling Leeds, we get phone calls nearly every day from people wishing to export WEEE. As we have accredited to the highest level with all the relevant licenses, IT Recycling Leeds, takes great care with where our WEEE actually goes. Any waste that hasn’t been refurbished, only leaves our site via the computer disposal service if it is going to other licenses establishments such as AATFs etc. So what exactly happens with your computers / IT waste once it is been collected via computer disposal Leeds – It arrives back at our site. It is safely unloaded and then each collection gets placed in an individual cage where it later gets processed by one of our trained technicians. All data baring devices are removed such as hard drives, tapes, floppy discs, CDs, DVDs, USBs etc and then either data wiped, shredded or crushed. You are then emailed a data destruction certificate to confirm all details. Once the data destruction is out of the way, the re-useable equipment goes to be refurbished and the rest goes to be broken down at an ATF we have partnered with.