Computer Recycling Leeds

Computer Recycling Leeds: Your local computer recycling service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

Computer Recycling Leeds is a new, top of the range computer disposal service provided to the whole of Leeds such as Moortown, Leeds centre, Leeds City, Chapel Allerton, Cookridge, Rodley, Armley, Stourton, Woodhouse, Headingley etc.

Computer recycling Leeds is accredited with ISO9001 (quality management), ISO14001 (environmental management) and CHAS (health and safety). IT Recycling Leeds is soon to gain ISO27001 though, making us one of the most professional computer recycling companies in Leeds.

IT Recycling Leeds holds all relevant licenses to be permitted to collect, recycle, refurbish and dispose of your Computer waste. Anything, in any condition, can be collected free of charge providing you have 10 items remember. Don’t forget, we’ll ensure all your configurations on all routers / networking items are securely wiped before re-use. No other IT recycling company can offer this expertise free of charge like IT Recycling Leeds can. We hold a T11 exemption, an S2 storage of WEEE in a safe place and a waste carriers license. When choosing your computer recycling Leeds provider, make sure they have a site permit and not just a waste carriers license. Anyone can get hold of a waste carrier’s license.  You also need to make sure they fill out the relevant transfer notes – a waste carriers license needs to be completed for transfer of normal waste. A hazardous waste consignment note is completed for the transfer of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste in your computer recycling Leeds collection could include – CRT Displays, Batteries, UPSs, Laptops, LCD/TFT displays due to their hazardous content being Lead and Mercury.

IT Recycling Leeds have to submit a hazardous waste return to the environment agency every quarter and it costs £10 for each HWCN number produced. We have our own customised and environment agency approved waste notes which are viewable on our licenses / certificates page on our website.

Computer recycling Leeds provided by IT Recycling Leeds is a free, data safe, environmentally friendly service to make use of when disposing of your computer waste.