IT Disposal Leeds

IT disposal Leeds: Your local IT disposal service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

IT disposal Leeds is a free of charge IT Equipment recycling serviced aimed at the Leeds area. Onsite or offsite data destruction is all inclusive with the service. Offsite is where your data holding devices are brought back to our site and then processed and onsite destruction is when your data baring devices such as hard drives, mobile phones, USBs, CDs, DVDs, flash drives are shredded, crushed or data wiped onsite at your site. The main destruction tool we use is the 10 tonne EDR hard drive crusher which destroys to CESG standards. All the data destruction tools we use are very professional and very safe. The onsite destruction service is unfortunately chargeable but it completely depends on what exactly you need destroying, the volume and where you are located in the Leeds area. Please get in touch and IT Recycling Leeds will issue an IT Disposal Leeds quote.

IT Recycling Leeds is an all round environmentally friendly company and we try and help as much we can. All vehicles are modern and serviced regularly to ensure they aren’t polluting the air, All drivers are taught how to drive efficiently, All vehicles are speed limited, At the IT Recycling Leeds site, we turn off all electricals when not in use instead of leaving them on standby, any consumables such as toners / ink carts are refilled and re-used instead of disposing of them, All bulbs are energy efficient etc.

All IT Recycling Leeds’ vehicles are driven by our own drivers, so no part of the service is undertaken by 3rd parties. The IT Disposal Leeds is very high security. All vehicles are tracked live from our head office 24 hours, the vehicles bare additional security locks, all data baring devices are destroyed, CCTV is in operation and all staff are CRB checked.

If you need an asset IT Disposal Leeds report, we can provide one. This can be done via various methods – we can barcode scan all IT Equipment or simply just write it up.