IT Recycling Leeds

IT recycling Leeds: Your local computer recycling service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

If you are based in Leeds and your company / organisation is looking to dispose of some unwanted IT Equipment and computers – Use IT Recycling Leeds which securely collects from all Leeds locations – Leeds city centre, Holbeck, Rothwell, Colton, Thorpe Park, Gross gates, Whinmoor, Redhall, Shadwell, Meanwood, Chapel Allerton, Moorton, West Park, Cookridge, Yeadon, Pudsey, New Farmley, Churchwell, Belle Isle, Carlton, Middleton, Harehills, Burley, Saxton etc.

A variety of reasons why you may want to use IT Recycling Leeds – You may be moving office and you are left with lots of unwanted IT Equipment along with other waste – You may be in the process of changing over your whole IT asset log or in the process of planning an IT Equipment refresh. You may be enquiring from a data centre that has lots of IT Equipment waste that needs to be recycled or you might own a data centre that is currently disposing of a load of servers. Whatever the reason, IT Recycling Leeds, can provide you with a free collection and disposal service.

If you are in the process of choosing a supplier for this, you are more than welcome to down to our processing centre to see everything in operation. Give IT Recycling Leeds a call and we’ll provide a quote, only if you need data destroying.  Our IT Recycling service is provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so if you have to fit your collection in with a particular event, that isn’t a problem.

Did you know, if you have other offices situated around the country, we also provide a nationwide service. Get in touch for details. We hold all relevant certificates including public liability, employers liability, product liability etc – all can be viewed on our licenses / certificates page.

If you have received our IT Recycling Leeds service and there is anything you aren’t happy with, you have a chance to make your say by filling in the attached feedback form. Any problems will then be discussed in our regular meeting to improve our computer recycling service.