Offsite/Onsite Data Sanitization

Our Data Destruction Services include Onsite Data Destruction & Offsite Data Destruction which means it can be undertaken at our site and yours.

All our destruction methods are detailed below – we can ensure data sanitization on any data bearing devices.

Hard Drives:

CESG Approved Crushing

Data Wiping


Media Tapes/Video Tapes


CESG Approved Crushing prior to shredding

Optical Media (CDs/DVDs/Blueray)

Floppy / Zip Discs

USB Memory Sticks


Mobile Phones

Data Wiping


Routers/Thin Clients with stored configs

Software reset

Data Wiping

Labels / Company references

Removal & Destruction

We guarantee the destruction of all data stored on anything we collect

Onsite (at your site) Data Destruction:

As IT equipment becomes more modern, its data retaining capabilities expand which in turn creates more threats when it comes to disposing of your IT equipment which contain confidential data. Onsite data sanitization is considered the safe option for destruction as the hardware doesn’t leave your site until it is data safe.

The key features of Onsite Data Destruction include:

  • FOC service if you’re a large organisation who uses us heavily
  • The destruction can be witnessed first-hand at your site
  • Our representatives who will perform the destruction are CRB checked and security vetted
  • Onsite destruction can be completed nationwide
  • The destruction is safe with minimal need for PPE
  • We are completely insured with public and employers liability insurance
  • All employees are thoroughly trained and experienced
  • We are able to remove all data bearing devices from your hardware if they haven’t been done already
  • All waste is taken away free of charge on a waste transfer note and recycled
  • We are available immediately to undertake services


Offsite (at our site) Data Destruction:

Offsite Data Sanitization involves your data bearing devices being removed / processed at our secure processing facility site. You’ll receive a report detailing exactly what has been done.

If you wish you are able to attend our site at the time of destruction to witness the data sanitization. This however can be quite time consuming.

Certificates of destruction are provided once complete.