PC Recycling Leeds

PC recycling Leeds: Your local PC recycling service covering Leeds and surrounding areas

There are millions of PCs / Computers disposed of in the UK every year. After 3 years of use, they simply go to waste and up until the implementation of the WEEE regulations, they were ending up in landfill sites endlessly. Use PC Recycling Leeds provided by IT Recycling Leeds to prevent this from happening. When they ended up in landfill, many computers caused a lot of harm to the environment due to the hazardous components. Any computer item which holds a battery such as a UPS or a laptop has a component called lead inside it and any computer item that has an LCD backlight such as a TFT Display or laptop has mercury which are both very hazardous to the environment and wildlife. The WEEE regulations called for change and many PC Recycling Leeds companies arose, many charging for safe disposal but now IT Recycling Leeds can provide an all inclusive PC Recycling Leeds service free of charge. The reason we can provide such a service free of charge is – all equipment that comes back to our site is assessed for re-use and graded. Anything PC computers that still have life in them are re-furbished and fixed by our technicians and everything else is broken down at an ATF for materials recycling such as cable, batteries, metals etc.

The waste hierarchy was introduced to the UK shortly after the WEEE regulations which requests all organisations to consider the re-use / re-furbish of IT Equipment instead of simply replacing it. This prevents more from ending up in landfill and increases is operation lifetime. We take this pressure away from you. IT Recycling Leeds, know it is much easier to replace instead of continually having the inconvenience to keep repairing. That is why we provide the PC Recycling Leeds service, where we collect your WEEE and re-furbish / fix it here at our Leeds site. We can provide traceable asset tags so you can know what has been re-used and what has been disposed of.