Our service, IT Recycling Leeds is one of the most secure computer recycling services there is. All our employees are dedicated to providing our customers with a secure collection / disposal service.

Here we have a list of ways that we ensure collections are done securely:

  • Only our own vehicles and staff collect your WEEE. We never use couriers or other 3rd Party companies to carry out our services
  • All vehicles are equipt with extra security locks for which only the driver has access
  • Absolutely every vehicle in our fleet has a satellite tracking device fitted so if the vehicle were to leave our possession, we would know the exact location and be able to pass it onto the police to ensure quick recovery
  • Before any other processes, your equipment is stripped of data holding devices for destruction. Only after that is refurbishment or recycling undertaken
  • Every customer will receive a DDC after their data deletion
  • Shredding, Crushing and wiping is standard for all pickups
  • Each member of staff has a security level allowance. Only the most trusted staff are allowed in data holding areas

Access security devices are fitted at each main door and are also:

  • Secured by an alarm system which is on for 24 Hours
  • Closed Circuit Television is recorded 24 hours a day
  • No visitors are allowed to enter the site
  • The goods in entrance is occupied at all times of the day
  • Motion sensors are fitted on the main walls so if someone were to try access them, security would be notified
  • Externally, the site is very well lit up at night
  • Before your computer equipment is either refurbished / recycled, all your labels and asset tags will be removed. Occasionally they can’t be removed and in these cases they are physically destroyed